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AZ's Growth

AZ’s Journey with Re-tell of Bear’s Toothache

Bear’s toothache is a picture book that helps assess a child’s narrative language stage of
development. At various points in his journey with Story Grammar Marker, AZ has been
assessed to see his current level of narrative language development. AZ is shown the
picture book without words and then asked to retell the book with no pictures or assistance.
It is such an amazing experience to see the evidence of this intervention working and helping to
transform this deficit.

Below are transcripts from the assessment days:

March 2020
One Day
The toothache
The pillow
The pillow hit

May 2021
One day the bear was trying to get the tooth out
Then and a bear had a toothache
He had a toothache
And couldn’t get the tooth out
The bear just got the tooth out after eating
Then then getting the tooth out
Give it gave it give to the girl under her pillow

September 2021
So the girl heard ow
The bear
And then bear came in
And tried to get the tooth out
Tried drinking water
And it still didn’t come
And he tried…the lamp down
And it still didn’t make it loose
And he had to tried and she had to tied the rope up to the and the other side of her bedpost
And the bear jumped out the window
And the tooth came out

May 2023
Bear’s Toothache
So…The Bear’s Toothache
One night the bear had a toothache
So then the kid woke up and then invited the bear in to get the tooth out
So that…the girl…(I mean the kid could be a good dentist
(pause) That could be a good dentist…be a good dentist to like fix the bear’s toothache
(pause)Okay…so then so then the bear ate steak
The little girl hit the pillow at bear but instead hit the lamp
And then the girl’s father woke up and came to her room, like “what’s that noise…the lamp fell
Bear went back to bed…father went back to bed
But then bear ate steak it didn’t get any looser
So then then the bear the girl tied his cowboy rope to the bear’s tooth
And then to hi- her bedpost
And then the bear jumped from the windowsill
And then the tooth popped out
And then the bear was feeling better
The girl put the tooth under her pillow

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