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Establishing Our Roots

When we decided to start this adventure, the first thing we had to do was decide on our business name and logo design. Easier said than done! While we did not exactly know our name, we did know the type of practice we hoped to create - one focused on treating the whole person and getting to the source of what was causing our client’s disturbance. Ultimately, we were able to decide on Grounded Roots Counseling Services, with our logo featuring a tree with an extensive root system. To us, this design possesses dual meanings related to growth and healing. The first focuses on getting to the root source and nurturing this area in order to prosper and thrive. The second focuses on adaptability, flexibility, and resiliency - all traits healthy trees possess and we would be wise to learn from.

All too often we have encountered professionals (from all different specialties) focusing on the surface of symptoms. We live in a culture where “treat the symptom, not the source” is the standard, not the exception. At Grounded Roots Counseling Services, we are okay with being the exception. We want to focus on getting to the underlying cause (whether it is past trauma, having a learning disorder, struggling with how our brain and body process information, or maladaptive thought patterns learned in childhood). Similar to a tree, we believe the bulk of the work needs to focus on things unseen, below the surface. A tree cannot grow and thrive without a healthy root system. We have focused our training on being able to dig deeper, conceptualize the whole person, and not just focus on treating the symptoms. Our belief is if we get to the root of the problem, the symptoms will take care of themselves.

What does our approach of treating the whole person look like in practice?

When we have a client presenting with excessive anxiety or worry, we are first concerned with helping to reduce these symptoms. While focusing on this, we also are listening and theorizing where the root source of anxiety could have begun. Our belief is without exploring and working through the origin of the disturbance, the symptoms will continue, even if at a low-grade level. We have found that when we treat the source, the symptoms lesson or dissipate and no longer hold the same power over our clients.

Another example is when a teen comes in with behavioral challenges. Some traditional approaches strictly focus on changing the behavior. While we do understand the importance of teaching and instilling pro-social behavior, often the source is not the actual behavior. Rather, it is a social learning challenge, a learning disorder, or past trauma(s). If we just focus on the behavior, we fail to make a lasting impact and we neglect to treat the whole person. We want to understand how our client’s brain and body process information (e.g. is there a sensory concern or learning style that needs to be addressed?) or what trauma this client has experienced. By focusing on these areas, we can get to the root of the problem and create lasting changes.

At Grounded Roots Counseling Services, we strive to focus on the big picture and see the person as a whole, not just a symptom or set of behaviors.

Stay tuned for our next blog post that will feature the second meaning of our design at Grounded Roots Counseling Services!

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