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Individual Counseling for Teens

At Grounded Roots Counseling Services, we understand that teenage years may be filled with challenging moments. Our counselors seek to help teens engage in self-exploration, learn skills to better manage emotions and relationships, and to navigate the difficulties of school, relationships, and family expectations. We feel passionate about creating a safe and supportive environment for teens to explore challenges they are facing in their day to day interactions.


We also realize that, in today's world, teens face new challenges such as issues related to social media and technology, greater demands to juggle academics with extra-curricular activities, relationships, and jobs. We have  experience working with teens and their families, and we understand that coming to counseling may not be the teen's first choice. We focus on identifying goals and concerns each teen would like to explore and develop our treatment plans around what they are desiring to focus on. 

Working with teens requires a balancing act of empowering and supporting the teen while also involving and joining with family members when appropriate. Our approach allows families to feel included as part of the process, while allowing the teen to have a safe and confidential space to discuss areas of concern. Our clinical experience prepares us to do this in a way that honors and fosters a teen’s developing independence, while also involving concerned families who wish to best support their teen during these important years.

Common reasons teens may come to therapy

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Self-injurious behavior

  • Exploring sexual and gender identity

  • Difficulty communicating effectively with family, friends, and partners

  • Trauma or abuse

  • Anger, impulsive behavior, or difficulty following the rules

Please contact us today to discuss scheduling an appointment for yourself or for your teenager.

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